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Opening of the Academic Year 2014-2015 Print

The Eucharistic celebration for the opening of the academic year 2014-2015 was held on October 22nd 2014, in the Church of San Salvatore in Onda, for the students of the International College, 'Queen of the Apostles' and for those attending the annual Spirituality course at Via Giuseppe Ferrari. The Mass was presided by Fr. François Harelimana and Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, the Rector General, gave the homily, in which he underlined the importance of our holy Founder and of following a spiritual journey in his footsteps. In fact it would be a scandal, if a student at the end of their studies in Rome, knows nothing of the Founder. Moreover the students have ideal conditions to grow together and to experience internationality and interculturation in view of a major opening up to collaboration.

This year there are 29 student confreres in Rome. Fifteen are residing in the 'Queen of Apostles' International College, three are in the Pallottine community of San Silvestro in Capite and eleven are in the International Centre of Pallottine Formation in Via Giuseppe Ferrari. Of these eleven, seven are following the Annual course of Pallottine Spirituality.

In the annual course of Pallottine Spirituality the students deepen their knowledge of our Holy founder, his Spirituality, history, our identity as UAC, the mission aspect of our Pallottine family etc;. To these courses are added those in the Teresianum, that further deepen the art of forming others in the journey towards consecrated life. This course promises to offer to our Pallottine family persons qualified in formation, necessary for those destined for formation or Pallottine animation, who are chosen with care.



Inizio del Corso Annuale
Dopo la messa di apertura Gruppo del Corso Annuale con i
Superiori Generali e gli animatori
Inizio_Anno_Accademico_2014-2015_4 Inizio_Anno_Accademico_2014-2015_5 Inizio_Anno_Accademico_2014-2015_6
I tre Superiori Generali delle
comunità di fornazione
Nuovi studenti 2014-15 Studenti del Corso Annuale alla
messa di apertura
Apostolic movement of Schoenstatt - 100th anniversary Print

Schoenstatt---Papa-francescoThe Apostolic movement of Schoenstatt celebrated with great solemnity the 100th anniversary of its foundation in October 2014, both in Germany and in Rome. The high points of the celebration in Germany included the “international pilgrimage to the place of foundation” from 16th to 19th October, the solemn liturgical celebration on 18th October 2014 in Schoenstatt, presided over by Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, the Delegate of the Holy Father, the renewal of the “Covenant of love” in a worldwide connection via internet and EWTN, and the solemn Mass in the chapel of the Theological Faculty of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, presided over by Archbishop emeritus, Mons. Robert Zollitsch, former President of the German Bishop’s Conference.

The most memorable moment of the celebrations in Rome was certainly the meeting with Pope Francis in the Paul VI auditorium. During this audience with more than 7000 pilgrims belonging to the Schoenstatt movement, the Holy Father replied  to questions put to him on a range of topics. In his welcome speech, Fr. Heinrich Walter, President of the General Praesidium, thanked also the Pallottines for donating the Shrine of the Mother Thrice Admirable in Schoenstatt to the movement.

Fr. Martin Manus, General Consultor, represented the General Council during the celebrations in Germany and Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, Rector General, took part in the audience with Pope Francis. We wish every member of the Schoenstatt Family abundant blessings of God in this jubilee year. We also express our gratitude to the numerous pilgrims who visited our church of SS. Salvatore in Onda during these days and prayed at the altar of St. Vincent Pallotti.

Bibliography: October 2014 Print
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Let us pray for our deceased Confreres Print
  • Fr. Lesław Gwarek (PN), Poland, born on 08.12.1951; First Consecration on 08.09.1971; Priestly Ordination on 20.05.1976; died on 23.10.2014.
  • Fr. Bonfilho Stefanello (SM), Brazil, born on 06.07.1927; First Consecration on 02.02.1953; Priestly Ordination on 21.12.1958; died on 23.10.2014.
Third meeting organised by the St. V. Pallotti Institute Print


The friends of St Vincent Pallotti came together on Thursday 9th October at 5 p.m. in the Church of San Salvatore in Onda to pray as well as to deepen the theme, “Pallotti formator of lay women”. It was the third of the Study & Formation meetings organised by the St Vincent Pallotti Institute in 2014.

The reflection on the reports of Vincent Pallotti with lay women was given by Donna Orsuto, Professor of Spirituality at the Gregorian Pontifical University. Her talk-divided in three parts- dealt with the history  as well as the subject. Calling to mind the thought of Pope Francis on active participation of the laity in the mission of the Church (cf. Evangelii Gaudium nn. 102-103). Donna Orsuto maintained that the scant feminine presence in the Church is due to two reasons: the absence of female formation and excessive clericalism.

Appropriately Vincent Pallotti with his apostolic activity and vision of the Church has left us proposals on how to overcome these two obstacles. With a brief presentation of some lay women who worked with Pallotti (Marchioness Longhi, princess Borghese, Antonia Bronzini, Elisabetta Cozzoli, Elisabetta Sanna, Marianna Allemand, Anna Maria Taigi) emerge indications for the formation of lay women. Pallotti actually invited them to collaboration in their apostolic works, but indicated to them the areas in which they could develop the evangelical mission. He had a great faithfulness in the women and recommended them to embrace with prayer all needs both human and of the Church. That which is most striking was his ardent requests which he addressed to the lay women to pray for him and for his apostolic tasks.
XI Consultative Congress of the Major Superiors Print

Congresso-Consultivo-2014The XI Consultative Congress of the Major Superiors of the Society was held from 5-11 October 2014 at St. Vincent Pallotti Spirituality Centre, Grottaferrata, Rome. The participants included the eight members of the General Administration, thirteen Provincial Rectors and seven Regional Rectors from all over the world. The sessions were moderated by Fr. John Kelly (IR) and Fr. Piotr Krakowiak (PN). Together with the Secretaries, translators and technical assistant, a total number of thirty six members present at this event.

Following the spirit of the XX General Assembly, the present Congress reflected on these words of St. Vincent Pallotti: “The fundamental rule of our Congregation is the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ” (OOCC III, 40). These words of St. Paul affirmed further the main theme: “For not one of us lives for himself…for if we live, we live for the Lord…” (Rom. 14, 7-8). The main theme was presented by our confrere – bishop Mons Julio Akamine. His deep spiritual reflections as well as his very presence were a joyful and enriching experience for all the participants.

The Rector General, Fr. Jacob Nampudakam presented his reflections, titled “The Joy of being Pallottine”, touching not only the various aspects of the life and apostolate of the Society but also offering an optimistic view for the future development of the Society by being faithful to our charism and by strengthening the spirit of collaboration within the entire Society.

Based on the reports received from the Major Superiors in preparation for the Congress, the following specific themes were presented during the subsequent days: Collaboration in the Society (Fr. Adam Golec), Signs of the time and our response (Fr. Martin Manus), Commitment to formation as a response to the challenges of our consecrated life (Fr. Francesco Harelimana), New strategies for the missions (Fr. Jean Betrand), Financial transparency (Fr. Gerry Dwyer), Continental Meetings (Fr. Jeremiah Murphy), Juridical questions (Fr. Vitaliy Gorbatykh) and Aging in community (Fr. Helmut Scharler). In the light of the deliberations of the entire week, the participants formulated also a number of proposals as orientations for the future course of action.

Before concluding the Congress, an evaluation was done of every aspect of the Congress. The participants were almost unanimous in stating that the entire event was conducted in a very fraternal, orderly and serene atmosphere. In his concluding remarks the Rector General thanked all the participants, the co-operators and the Italian Province of Queen of Apostles and said that three key challenges could be taken along from this Congress: our fidelity to Jesus, the Apostle of the Eternal Father, discovering more profoundly the “hidden treasure” of the spiritual patrimony of St. Vincent Pallotti and our commitment to the spirit of collaboration at all levels in our Society. During the concluding Mass in honour of Mary, Queen of Apostles, the Rector General reminded the participants once again that our Pallottine life and apostolate meant finally entering into, remaining in and going forth from the Cenacle, as intended by our holy Founder.


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