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The study and formation meetings for 2015 Print

ISVP_Programma_2015The study and formation meetings for 2015, organised by the Vincent Pallotti Institute with reflections on the topic 'Vita Consecrata in the vision of Pallotti' shall be held in the year dedicated to Consecrated Life that the Church as a whole celebrates in 2015. Reflecting on Consecrated Life in Pallotti's vision- we, the Pallottine family- wish to tell our history to give praise to God and thank Him for all the gifts that He has lavished upon us through our Founder, St Vincent Pallotti. In recounting our history we wish to take a panoramic look at Consecrated Life in the time in which St Vincent Pallotti himself lived to gather the newness that drove him to propose a form of Consecrated Life rooted in the following of Christ the Apostle. It will then be deepened in a presentation of key texts on Consecrated Life in his writings. In his view of Consecrated Life Pallotti always returns to the dominant thought on the following of Jesus Christ as the Gospel put into practice. To live the following of Christ has become a challenge, above all in our times.  within the topic is placed the topic of lay participation that is always current in post-Conciliar development and is intertwined with Pallottine spirituality.

The four meetings will be held in the Church of San Salvatore in Onda and will follow this programme: begin at 5 p.m. with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as an expression of personal and prayer in common and at 6 p.m. a reflection on the topic expressed in the schedule.

The announcement of the schedule of meetings for 2015 is a warm invite given to all the friends of St Vincent Pallotti. We entrust to his intercession to live this year of Consecrated Life in thanksgiving to the Lord for many gifts received by the way of the holiness of Pallotti and to gather his inspirations as how to journey in the ways of the Lord.


Meeting of the Pallotti Institute - December 2014 Print
Sr. Stella Marotta, CSACThe cycle of annual encounters dedicated to the theme, 'Pallotti the formator' concluded with the fourth meeting which occurred on Thursday December 11th 2014 at 5 p.m. in the Church of San Salvatore in Onda. Sr Stella Marotta CSAC presented the talk entitled : 'Pallotti formator of religious'. Her presentation, divided in five parts showed Pallotti in the capacity of formator of the Sisters in their personal encounters, correspondence and in the preaching of the month of May for Religious. Rome, at that moment in history gave to Vincent Pallotti the priest a vast area in which to exercise, what he himself called, 'the direction of the soul on the way to the highest perfection.' There were, in fact, at that time about 100 female religious congregations with whom Pallotti kept steady contacts. Pallotti showed himself as a wise formator especially in his letters written to the Sisters for different reasons and occasions. With words full of tenderness, but also strict he guided the consecrated women to see in life not only human misery but also the great love of God for all people. Therefore one finds in his letters repeated recalls to love, to divinity and to holiness. The work of Pallotti as formator is shown in the Month of May for religious that can be defined as 'the perfect navigator to arrive at the destination' indicating Jesus Christ as the model of consecrated life and recording continually holiness as the destination to arrive at. In her final part the speaker indicated some points of the doctrine of Vincent Pallotti that appears in harmony with the teaching of Pope Francis. These words re-echo: prayer, joy, spiritual motherhood, Word of God, holiness. These are words that need to be filled with a modern spiritual content.
Elezioni nella Provincia indiana «Luce di Cristo» (RA) Print

Il Consiglio Generale ha approvato le elezioni definitive della Provincia indiana «Luce di Cristo» (RA):


  • D. Shanti Prakash Panna - Rettore Provinciale
  • D. Bipin Kishore Minj - Primo Consultore
  • D. Sebenius Kujur - Consultore
  • D. Rahul Joseph Philips - Consultore
  • D. Suresh Tirkey - Consultore


Il Consiglio Provinciale inizierà il suo mandato triennale il 6 gennaio 2015.

Let us pray for our deceased Confreres Print
  • Fr. Werner Kriener (CJ), Germany, born on 14.11.1920; First Consecration on 11.10.1949; Priestly Ordination on 26.07.1953; died on 02.12.2014.
  • Fr. Bruno Schäfer  (CJ), Germany, born on 26.06.1930; First Consecration on 25.04.1952; Priestly Ordination on 22.07.1956; died on 11.12.2014.
  • Fr. Jan Zubek (PN), Poland, born on 25.11.1933; First Consecration on 08.09.1953; Priestly Ordination on 19.06.1958; died on 12.12.2014.
  • Fr. Paul Kolb (CJ), Germany, born on 19.06.1936; First Consecration on 01.05.1958; Priestly Ordination on 15.07.1952; died on 17.12.2014.


The Plenary Session of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life Print


The Plenary Session of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life was held from 25-29 November 2014 at Augustinianum, Rome with the theme “New Wine in Fresh Wineskins (Mk 2, 22). Consecrated Life, 50 Years after Lumen Gentium and Perfectae caritatis”. Our Rector General, Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, as one of the forty seven members of this Congregation, appointed by the Holy Father, also participated in this Plenary Session along with Cardinals, bishops and Major Superiors coming from all over the world. One of the most memorable moments of this event was the meeting with Pope Francis on 27th November 2014 during which the Rector General presented the Holy Father a medal of St. Vincent Pallotti.

The whole focus of the Plenary Session was to bring about a renewal in consecrated life based on the Gospel, following the teachings and testimony of Pope Francis, with special attention paid to three areas of consecrated life today: community living, formation and governance. Also as a member of the Congregation for Religious, the Rector General invites all the members of the Pallottine Family to transform the “Year of Consecrated Life” into a Year of Grace!
The Year of Consecrated life and the joy of being Pallottine Print

Veglia di preghiera per l'inizo dell'Anno della vita consacrata

The Year of Consecrated Life commenced in the whole Catholic Church on Saturday, November 29, 2014. In Rome this event was marked with a prayer vigil in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, presided over by the Secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Msgr. José Rodríguez Carballo, OFM. It was a moment of prayer marked by listening to some of the writings of the Founders who followed Jesus in different ways and the video message of Pope Francis sent during his pastoral visit in Turkey.

Another important moment was the Eucharistic celebration on Sunday, November 30, presided over by Cardinal João Braz de Aviz, Prefect of the Congregation, who introduced the consecrated persons fully into the Year of Consecrated Life illustrating the teaching of Pope Francis about it.

Pope Francis, in his Apostolic Letter dated 21 November 2014 to all the consecrated persons on the occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life, clearly indicates the objectives of this year: look at the past with gratitude, live the present with passion and embrace the future with hope. The Holy Father expects  from this Year of grace that we become witnesses of the joy of being consecrated, wake up the world with our lives, live in the Church  as "experts of communion" and   "go out" to the peripheries of human existence.

We report a first initiative of the General Secretariat for Formation of our Society involving our formation houses. The General Secretariat for Formation is organizing a "Prayer Chain" inspired by the theme "The joy of being a consecrated Pallottine", which will begin on January 22, 2015, Feast of St. Vincent Pallotti. It will last for 33 days, following the “Thirty-three points” of Pallotti which present the most holy life of Jesus as “our fundamental rule”. The General Secretariat for Formation will send shortly a calendar with all the information to the formation houses. Thus in this Year dedicated to the Consecrated Life our young members are invited to live more deeply the fellowship and the joy of consecration through prayer and meditation.

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